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Happy Days in Isan

11 February 2019

A test for regular rural Isan readers:

Question: Today is Monday so what is on the morning agenda for the afternoon? 

Answer: Harvesting for the Monday street markets! 

Gaun, Yuan and Lud getting the final elements together of what will be sold at the markets.

Dill, celery, lettuce and onions and garlic.

The vegetables before harvesting.

Vegetables after Yuan’s meticulous packing

The master-farmer at work. Nothing less than perfection.

It’s all about business. Yuan listing the vegetables Lud will deliver to the local markets and the money to collect. The rest of the harvest will go to Yuan’s stall at the Monday markets where she will sell directly to the public and double her return.

Long beans and Isan ingenuity.

Long beans have now been planted and covered up to prtect the seeds from the sun.

I watched Yuan individually cut and form these from large pieces of bamboo over two days. In the west we’d just buy plastic ones from the hardware shop!

The seeds are placed in holes cut into plastic sheeting to reduce weeds. Notice the little piece of bamboo that holds the plastic in place.

Two long bean seeds to each hole and then covered with rice husks. A trellis will be built and I’ll report on that when it happens.

Hot, dry, dusty, brown and smoky – everything you thought Thailand wasn’t!

Hard to believe but this is the same view in July. Honestly, if I had the freedom of movement and the money I would leave Isan from January to April every year. Leaving aside the attraction of my lovely family and the garden, there are better places to be this time of year.

Gaun is in constant motion taking care of her many gardens.

Gaun has been replanting this area today to give a lift to the entrance to the house. This sawadee (welcome) boy greets our many visitors – three more this month.

Good job Gaun as always.

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