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Happy Days in Isan

17 February 2019

This starts off as a bit of a self indulgent post as Valentine’s Day is special for us not just for that event but also it is our wedding anniversary – number five this year. The post isn’t all family photos though as I cover a few other happenings too.

Valentine’s Day and Anniversary 2019

Valentine’s Day 2014. Best friends and family join us.

Poor Peng. So many flowers it is overwhelming 🙂

Just add water!

This is an illustration of the speed at which crops grow on the family farm. I took this photo on the 11th the day after Yuan had planted long bean seeds into each of the holes in this plastic.

And this is the same view today with the bean shoots well established less than one week later.

UFO – unidentified floating object

Wot’s that white blob floating on the farm pond?

It’s a happy farang 🙂 A warm morning, water with a touch of cool and an old inner tube and what else would be on the agenda?

Dok Khun


Gaun’s photo. She is illustrating step one of what will be a large and colourful tree. This is a Dok Khun or Golden Shower tree. It is deciduous when you plant a new one it looks like it has died come the cool season. Not to worry. These are fast growing and the leaves will come back April/May along with beautiful hanging yellow flowers. I will prove it to you with a follow-up photo at that time.

The top photo is of Peng and me with a Dok Khun tree at the family home. Planted by Gaun this one was a couple of years old when the photo was taken. You will see the flowers blooming in time for Songkran – Thai New Year early April and the bottom photo shows one of the water fights that happen over this wonderful festival. In our driveway!

Cleaning the roof

With the outside repaint of the house finished this afternoon we (you know I don’t literally mean ‘we’) moved onto cleaning the roof, which after almost four years of Isan dust and sugar cane residue, was overdue for a spring clean. I would have done it all myself but being almost twice as heavy as the Isan alternatives I thought it better for the roof to undertake my usual supervisory role only. Everything looking brand new by close of business 

Grime, mold and sugar cane residue. A dark coloured roof would hide it better but everything about this house was designed to make it cool inside so I went with a light colour.

What we started with in March 2015 – a very white roof.

And today. You can see the state the roof has got into. Very dirty looking especially now that the walls have been repainted. Another garden transformation example.

Tao, one of Gaun’s nephews, and of course Gaun who is never shy about taking on work.

This is me heading up to my supervisor lookout position.

Gaun is always in good form whatever she is doing.

Tao painter and roof cleaner.

The end result. Much better.

Looks like a bought one! Cheers Gaun and Tao. When I selected a white roof I thought it would stick out against the skies. However, so much of the time in Isan we have either cloudy or smoky skies that the white ready blends in like today.

Peng and Tao’s niece May who has been here for the entire repaint process.

Tropical Garden Update

I know I keep on with my favourite topic of our tropical garden, so for non-gardeners please move onto something else. However, this is the first anniversary of the garden as we started work on it exactly one year ago almost to the day. I might do some more comparisons but this afternoon I came across this photo of Gaun planting the bougainvillea on the earth mound behind where the Isan fishing boat now sits. As always the transformation in just 12 months has been both amazing and so rewarding.

6 Jan 2018.

Exactly one year later.

One of my favourite garden views.

6 Jan 2018

And again – one year later.

Dinner with friends Bob and Soun at Noi’s Kitchen – Facebook HERE or Google Maps HERE. Thank you Bob and Soun for driving up to see us for the three days.

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