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Living in Isan

28 January 2019

Farm Happenings

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A mixed day of small happenings. Most of the morning was spent at the farm where Gaun worked on her new garden there while I did some writing on a book update. Monday and Fridays are the two days when Yuan opens a stall at two different Si Bun Ruang street markets to sell her own product directly to the public. When we arrived Yuan and Lud were busy harvesting and preparing the vegetables for the market.

I spent the afternoon working on some long overdue computer work on the blog before we headed out for some shopping and to visit Yuan’s stall.

An unexpected blog visitor knocking on our gates filled in the later part of the afternoon. A pleasure to meet you both.

Although this is the ‘off’ season for the farm because of slower demand and very dry weather Yuan and Lud have a different concept of ‘slow’ then I have. Spring onions, lettuce, dill, celery, coriander and garlic.

Because we have been hit with some cooler weather the brocohi has started to put out some small flowers again, which adds to Yuan’s market options.

This is a new field being prepared for its first crops. It used to be a pond that was filled in when the main farm pond was enlarged. The soil is fresh and should be very productive as a result.

And this is that main pond. Gaun has started to plant up around it so that in time it will become a pleasant shady spot.

This view is close to that new field looking back to the farmhouse area with the boat and the rice hut.

Gaun had a bag of cuttings from our home garden and is here replanting them to fill spaces in the garden in front of the rice hut.

Job done.

We passed Duk Dik walking to the farm from home as we rode there in the morning. Here he is settled into one of his favourite spots under the trees. Mama has come over from the farmhouse to see what Gaun is up to. She asked her why she is always working when she could be taking life easy! 

Isan Grace, our floating sala (hut), is looking very settled with her new dock.

And that hamock is looking pretty attractive too!

The dock garden has been improved contributing to this lovely Isan rural scene.

It’s the little things that can capture the eye and camera here. This is the washbasin outside the bathroom. Landscaped by Gaun.

And the farm kitchen set against a backdrop of freshly growing vegetables.

Today’s selection of vegetables.

Arriving at the markets later we saw Lud who had sold a bunch of coconuts to a stall holder.

An old silk loom spindle makes for a good coffee holder!

And a fish baset is great holder for a broom.

So the day finished as far as this post is concerned with us leaving Yuan busy selling at her stall all the vegetables we had seen being processed that morning. The Vansutha farm is very popular and everything on that table will be sold by the end of the day. Many other stall holders only sell a fraction of what they have available. Good on ya Yuan and Lud 🙂

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