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A Local Drive

An afternoon on the road in Isan

Monday- 21 January 2019

A mixed day that unfolded in a pretty unplanned sort of way, which is how life tends to be here. For regular readers you know how I will start this post by saying that in the morning we headed to the farm for a second coffee and to see what Yaun and Lud were up to. Most of the time Yuan sells vegetables wholesale to stallholders at the local markets. The only variation to this is on a Friday and Monday when she has her own stall at one of two of the Si Bun Ruang street markets. On a Friday they are held just off highway 228 on the northside and on a Monday just over the bridge in central SBR (there’s also a Thursday market in this location but Yuan doesn’t go to that one). Today’s harvest being prepared to take to market when we arrived early morning  were broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce and tamarind. 

Heading home we decided to have lunch at Noi’s Kitchen (Google Maps) with the owners Greg and Noi, as we haven’t seen them this year. I had a search around the area on Google Maps for any interesting wats we hadn’t seen and came up with Wat Si Sawang Kut Du, which was only 30 minutes past Noi’s Kitchen so we called in there before lunch. I will publish a full story of this wat on the blog shortly as it is worth the effort so keep an eye out for that. Another couple of other discoveries have been thrown in as a bonus

Here Yuan is culling and washing lettuce in the pond. As you can see from the excess leaves in the water the fish aren’t going hungry!

I know I have shown you my ‘author’s spot’ on the farm recently but today I had a wide angle lens so this is another version of the same view. Nice isn’t it.

Another wide angle shot of the non-productive area of the farm. Very resort like.

On the way to lunch we passed this newly planted second crop of rice. Normally because of the shortage of water only one crop of rice is planted each year. This area is close to large water reserves and so we get a treat of lush green paddies normally only seen in July – Aug.

Behind those trees in the far distance is a large lake, whch presumnably accounts for the ability to plant a double crop each year.

I will only give you a taste of Wat Si Sawang Kut Du here and you’ll have to be patient and wait for the full post to be published to get all the great photos and location.

Ringing the BIG timber gong. Thanks Gaun.

A traditional Ubosot monk’s ordination hall.

Less traditional. A stone roundhouse with a lovely Buddha shrine inside and lots of statues.

A sort of museum located in a beautiful timber structure. 

Leaving Wat Si Sawang we drove to another temple closeby that I had spotted on Google Maps. It was still under construction so I wouldn’t add it to your list of to-do’s just yet 🙂

On the way back to Noi’s Kitchen Gaun saw a temple just off the main road so we called in for a look.

This is Wat Sawang Si Wilai (Google Maps) and non-subtle is the theme they have successfully aimed for!

See chimney, found Buddhist crematorium! 

This monk called Sivali or something close to that! The monk for travellers.

The bell tower, which blends into the surroundings like the rest of the wat 🙂

Some nice murals and shrine inside the main Buddha hall.

Looking towards the entrance gateway and that bell tower.

A final look. The main Buddha hall. This isn’t an outstanding wat but it would be worth adding to the list of places to visit for a few photos if in the area. You read it here first.

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