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On the third month anniversary of us starting work on building a new tropical garden extension to our land in the northeast of Thailand, I thought I would give you a photographic update. I find it hard to believe the progress that’s been made in such a short timescale. The garden looks as if it has been established for much longer helped by the beautiful displays of flowers, all grown from seed and cuttings, that is in bloom after the cool season. I believe this is going to turn into a stunning feature garden in a couple of years and only get better from there. As always all credit goes to my wife Gaun, who has worked tirelessly to create this beautiful setting we enjoy every day. She has single-handedly planted or grown from seed or cuttings, every single plant you will see in the following photos.

Gaun doing what Gaun loves the most.

A reminder of where we started from. This is the land late 2017 – before we bought it.

After we finished clearing it looked like this.

And now……..a bricked path leads from the house into a new seating area, which forms the central point to the extended garden.

Climbers have been planted to cover this pergola in time. They have started to reach the top already so in a couple of years this will be a green-roofed and cool area.

A table and chairs make a great spot for a morning coffee or a late afternoon beer.

Beer in this example 🙂 Me, Peng (my stepdaughter), my sister-in-law Yuan and her husband Lud.

All of this gravel will eventually be covered with brick paving when time, money and energy allow! With 250 metres of paths to do it will take some time.

The feature wall is starting to look less stark as the plants soften its look.

Before. This photo was taken on 5 January 2018.

Now. Looking from the front of the land, with the road at my back, towards the rear.

These terracotta pots are plentiful and cheap. They make an interesting feature in a setting like this one.

Once the hedges have grown this will become a separate garden “room” with a doorway cut into the hedge.

The gravel makes this look a bit stark but when the brick paving goes down this will be stunning. Hidden in the flowers are two rows of golden palms, which once grown in a couple of years will form an avenue to the waterpot feature at the end.

These were all taken from seeds grown at the family farm, scattered here and this is what you get after a few weeks!

All these flowers were grown from seeds as well.

All cuttings here, once again taken from existing plants at the farm and in our “old” garden.

Massed lemongrass in the front used as a display. Cuttings “borrowed” from a neighbour.

Gaun is using the massed flowers and concentrated ground covers to control the weeds, which grow here just as well as everything else. We are also using deep mulch sourced from rice husks, sold for $0.40 a large sack. We have used around 100 sacks so far,

Just beautiful.

Garden lady with a friend.

The structures in the background are a garden shed, a utility area and undercover clothes drying space.

Spot the gardener. Can you beleive this was nothing but dirt three months ago? I can’t and I was here 🙂

I can’t wait to replace the gravel with these paths.

Gardens are not for everyone and they take an effort to create and maintain. However, for us, we couldn’t imagine living without ours and it forms as much a living space as the house does.

My stepdaughter Peng recently celebrated her 18th birthday with a BBQ and photos in the garden with her friends. A scene like this makes it all worthwhile.

Thanks for reading.