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Updated 23 November 2015:

Mark, a reader of the blog has recommended another taxi/tour service in Chiang Mai as follows:

“I have used Rung Mingsuwan on a couple of day trips outside of Chiang Mai and have found him to be personable and dependable. He does speak decent English. I will be contacting him again for taxi service trips as I just again arrived in Chiang Mai for a 3 week stay, November 21, 2015.

The contact number for Rung Mingsuwan is 081-7165853.

Original post:

For our recent trip to Hong Kong flying out of Chiang Mai international Airport at 6.00 am we booked a taxi to pick us up at 4.30 am, as the trip to the airport takes around 30 minutes.

For your information to book a taxi call 053-262-878 and ask for someone who speaks English. The lady I spoke to was great and understood our address, which is always helpful.

The metered taxis you'll see in Chiang Mai. If you can get hold of one they are just as cheap as a tuk tuk and far more comfortable for a longer trip.

The metered taxis you’ll see in Chiang Mai. If you can get hold of one they are just as cheap as a tuk tuk and far more comfortable for a longer trip.

These taxis are metered but for a trip like this you will get a fixed price. For us from Land & House in San Sai it cost us 450 THB or around A$15.00. If you book directly with the driver you can do it for 300 THB or A$10.00 but unfortunately I had lost the card of the driver we have used previously. UPDATE: The guy we used this time can be contacted on 081-7165853 and his name is Rung Mingsuwan.

Of the 150 THB extra over a what I have paid previously, 100 THB was because it was such an early callout and the other 50 THB is the booking fee paid to the taxi company.

Every the time I have used them their taxis have been spotless and the drivers helpful with the luggage.


UPDATE 24 November 2014 – Another recommendation.

I received the following recommendation from Jay, a reader of the blog currently living in Chiang Mai, and thought it was worth passing on:

I met a friendly taxi driver “Nong” at Kad Central, have used him to take me to the airport. He also picked me up from the airport, he was inside the terminal waiting, which was unexpected. His English is reasonable and he is very punctual with an immaculately clean good sized vehicle.


I will also use Nong to take me to immigration for my first 90 day report, also in December.  His mobile is 089 951 9131

If you do use Nong would you let him know the referral came from Jay. That would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

Also thanks to Jim Newberry and his site for the bike photo.