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Country Living in Isan

A day out in the local countryside

Sunday – 27 January 2019

After a day in the big city at Udon Thani yesterday having lunch with friends to celebrate Australia Day we did the opposite today and headed into the local countryside to lunch in a true Isan cool season rural landscape.

Earlier this week we had had lunch with the wife of a friend of ours and she invited us plus some other friends to a Sunday picnic on a block of land just outside her family village where Doug, her husband, is building a new house. I was keen to see the house because Doug is not using the traditional Thai concrete column design but rather heavy duty blocks to provide the structural strength to support the roof, which is more in line with standard western building practices. The house has a way to go but the basic structure is now in place so one can get a feel for the construction method and how the final home will look. A couple of other small stories as well.

Dry season landscapes in Isan have an almost Australian feel to them. Shallow ponds will dry up and unless you water new plants they will most likely die. It’s hard work to establish a place as we know because the new tropical garden at our home was established this time last year. This photos is looking from the back of the property towards the house on the left and the storage shed.

The three amegos checking out the house – Doug, me and Mike.

A large portico comes out from the  front of the house to provide shade and interest. Koi ponds and plantings leading to the front door will make this a space to watch in the future.

These are the thickest AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) blocks you can buy and provide the structural strength to this building.

Double lintels across windows.

Being a Sunday it ended up a family event.

Salt encrusted BBQ fish caught a couple of hours ago in the farm pond of Mike and Pepsi.

The ladies take off to the village.

Doug has a few turkeys, which will eventually add some real American authenticity to Thanksgiving Day, but don’t tell them that.

Leaving Doug and Pu we headed into the nearest moo ban as Gaun had spotted a large lake and temple she thought I would want to see. 

This is Wat Rat Bamrung. 

Inside the main Buddha hall.

Very nicely done especially in the late afternoon sunshine.

Set in a treed area, although most have lost their leaves in this ‘winter’ season, more like a Pha or forest wat. 

You will never be in the area but this wat is worth a look-see.

We spotted this place when driving home. A nice timber house with lots of collectables underneath.

This is the type of home many farang dream about when moving to Thailand.