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Living in Isan – the Daily Stories….

…..published in April 2019

This is a list of the daily story posts I published in April 2019. Enjoy.

One of my favourite wats – 30 April:

One of Thailand’s best natural timber temples hidden away on the outskirts of Nong Bua Lamphu city in the northeast (Isan). This wat is worth a stand alone visit if in the area. It is outstanding and the video supports that statement. This is a long video but I think you will find that it will hold your attention as this temple is full of surprises and character.

You can read a previous blog post about this temple HERE:

Historical Photos of Thailand – 30 April:

I almost never share other people’s posts so this is a rare exception. It is so hard to find historical photos of Thailand and that what makes this collection so amazing. Not only do you get the photos but a very useful commentary on each even with the sometimes hit and miss English translation. A superb effort to showcase life in earlier times. Thank you to Toy Mukda who posted it on her timeline. Great work.

You can find over 3,800 photos that have been collected on my Facebook timeline posted 30 April 2019 HERE.

Western Food in Thailand – 28 April:

Not everybody adapts to eating Thai or Isan style food all or even any of the time and finding suppliers of western alternatives becomes the challenge. I will give you some choices in this post, which are geared towards us farang living in the northeast but will have some relevance to others. I have also based this post on my budgetary restraints, which will be similar to many readers. If I had unlimited funds, or certainly a bigger income than I do, I could just do a monthly shop at Tops or Villa Mart (explained later) and life would be simpler. If you are counting the baht then this post will be helpful.

You can read the post HERE.

NEW UPDATED: 8 May 2019

The Private Medical System in Thailand: 27 April:

This is a post I wrote a while back that has been slightly updated because I received a comment from a reader on this topic that prompted me to revisit the original post.

I don’t normally let you know about updates on the front page of the blog but in this case I thought I would, not because of the update in itself, but in the hope that readers who have taken out private health insurance in Thailand share some of their experiences and recommendations or warnings in the comment section. Finding reliable information on topics like this one is a challenge so I would appreciate any help you can provide to others. 

You can read the post HERE.

A Walk Around a Timber Wat – 28 April:

I wanted to share some of the local sights that didn’t involve our garden or the farm so this morning we headed out to revisit two of my favourite timber temples built close to each other deep in the countryside north of Si Bun Ruang.

This video is the first wat and the more simple of the three I will eventually walk you through. Even so, it is still impressive and has been a massive project for the single monk and a few village helpers who have been constructing this for a number of years. You won’t find this temple on any map or on the internet and the name is my phonetic English spelling from the Thai, which is all that’s available.

This is the second of the timber temples I wanted to share with you today. There is a third one I will publish next week, which is the granddaddy of them all. This one is called Wat Pa Nong Ko is on Google Maps, only because I put it there, so you can actually find it if the fancy takes and you’re in the area. This wat has been around longer and is better known than Wat Pa Wai Luan Arun Wasee, the video of which you can view above and is therefore more developed. The abbot is well know and well supported. For some reason (and that reason would be my mistake) the video ends a bit before I planned so it’s not the smooth professional fadeout that you have come to love and respect 🙂 Oh well, it’s Thailand – close enough!

Songkran 2019 – 24 April:

Songkran, Thai New Year, is celebrated with enthusiasm all over Thailand. This year was a little different for me and I thought I would give you my take on the event having lived here for nearly six years. This was a very enjoyable post to write with lots of great photos, most of which have nothing to do with people splashing water over each other, although there is a bit of that too.

You can read about it HERE.

7 April:

We went to the farm early morning (well early for me) and caught Yuan and Lud getting ready to take long beans to market. I thought it was as good a time as any to take you on a walk through the farmhouse and the farm itself to share what a well run Isan rural business looks like.

Our garden watering system

A brief one topic post on a subject requested by a blog reader (thanks Chris). The need for a watering system in tropical northeast Thailand may come as a surprise to some readers who haven’t lived through the annual cycle of wet and dry. It certainly did for me and this is how we cope with months of drought.

You can read about it HERE.

A walk through our tropical garden – 5 April

A wander through one of Isan’s most beautiful private gardens. Although this garden was only started January 2018, it looks as if it has been around for ages.

The YouTube video is HERE or click the image on the left.

Daily Life in Isan – 2 April 2019

Because I never planned to retire when I came to Thailand I didn’t have a vision of what that lifestyle would look like. I suspect that had I had more time to think about that vision it wouldn’t look like it what I now experience each day. If someone had asked me what living in Thailand might involve I think in my mind it would have included beaches, elephants and more cocktails 🙂These stories prove that life has turned out slightly differently from that vision, but I have to say that I wouldn’t exchange that daydream for my reality. I hope that the following insights will take you out of your everyday and transport you free of charge to a small rural village in Isan to join me as I record family events and anything else that captures my attention. 

You can read about it HERE.

Moving House Video – 2 April

Not moving furniture and personal possessions to a new home but actually moving the house! In Australia we would most likely order a large crane for this sort of job. Here eight men, a few winches and lots of muscle power. The full story in Love Living in Isan – 2 April HERE

The YouTube video is HERE or click the image on the left.


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