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Living in Isan – the Daily Stories….

…..published in February 2019

This is a list of the daily story posts I published in February 2019. Enjoy and please leave comments. They are the only payment I ask for!

Stories published in February

Isan Village Life – Edition 19

Wednesday – 27 February 2019

Regular readers will remember that for a few months late 2018/early 2019 I slowed with most of my updates on the blog. Because of this I missed out on transferring Facebook posts I had made on an almost daily basis earlier in 2018 across to the blog under the title ‘Isan Village Life’. Having stopped writing for facebook to focus on the blog instead, I thought that I would get back to capturing all these stories, even though they are chronologically very out of date. I don’t mind they aren’t what happened yesterday and I hope you don’t either, because the events they illustrate are as informative as they ever were and it would be a shame to see them disappear when I dump my Facebook account at some stage.

You can read about it HERE.

Tuesday – 26 February 2019

Another mix of small stories for you Isan enthusiasts. From ongoing upgrades to the farm rice hut and Guan’s ever expanding garden there, to long beans, Buddha holy day celebrations, tomato seeds and more. There’s more happening than that brief introduction hints at.

You can read about it HERE.

Sunday – 24 February 2019

My stepdaughter Peng has been sitting one of her university entrance exams (two more to go) both days over this weekend. They were being held at school in Nong Bua Lamphu, which is a 30 minute drive from our home. Today after we dropped off Peng we headed to Udon Thani, a major city to the northeast of us, to do some specialised shopping for things we can’t get locally. 

To read the full post please click HERE

Thursday – 21 February 2019

Not a lot to report happening over the last few days, which is often a fact of life here and most other places come to that. Life drifts by and my daily schedule such as it is doesn’t make for publishable news! I ended up this morning with a few new photos, so I thought that I would share those just to keep this aspect of the blog ticking along.  Ant egg harvesting, election time and information about a new gardening post pretty well covers it.

To read the full post please click HERE

My Life in Thailand

Tuesday – 19 February 2019

Valentine’s Day is also the anniversary of our village wedding (five years ago) and that got me thinking about the time I have spent in Thailand since first meeting my (now) wife Gaun in 2012.

With an afternoon to spare I thought I would share some of my journey over the last few years through the photographs taken during that time. 

You can read about it HERE.

Changes to Thai Visa Requirements

Sunday – 17 February 2019

There have been some important changes to long-term visa requirements made recently and I thought that as a service to my readers I would raise them as something you should take into consideration, if you haven’t heard about them elsewhere, which I am sure many of you have. I have tried to pull together the best of what I could find online but don’t reply on my post for the latest facts. Do your own research to find the best information for your circumstances. Also keep in mind that often each Immigration Office seems to have its own interpretation of the rules so be prepared to be flexible.

You can read about it HERE.

Sunday – 17 February 2019

This starts off as a bit of a self indulgent post as Valentine’s Day is special for us not just for that event but also it is our wedding anniversary – number five this year. The post isn’t all family photos though as I cover a few other happenings too. 

To read the full post please click HERE

Monday – 11 February 2019

A test for regular rural Isan readers:

Question: Today is Monday so what is on the morning agenda for the afternoon?

Answer: Harvesting for the Monday street markets!

To read the full post please click HERE

Saturday – 9 February 2019

Some new and some old(er) stories in this post. Getting the pickup serviced, an Isan castle, lunch with friends, an Isan buffet (thanks Yurt), hard water – what’s that all about? and more.

To read the full post please click HERE

Tuesday – 5 February 2019

A longer than usual post because it covers the daily events for February to date, so you get several days for the price of one. A large range of topics that demonstrate that although living here maybe smalltime it doesn’t have to be repetitive and boring. There is so much to enjoy if you jump in, keep your eyes open and become involved. I think you’ll have fun reading these stories as I hope the photos and words reflect the pleasure I had living them.

To read the full post please click HERE

A Few Days in Isan with Friends

Sunday – 3 February 2019

We enjoyed the company of two friends from America for a few days early in 2019 and as always with newbies to Thailand, tried to give them a real-life taste of what life looks like in our part of the country.

The photo on the left shows a local hidden timber wat with a new structure being added since we were here last. A single monk organising all of this and doing a lot of work on it himself.

You can read about it HERE.

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