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Living in Isan – the Daily Stories….

…..published in January 2019

This is a list of the daily story posts I published for January 2019.

Tips & Tricks

This is one that can apply equally to Thailand visitors as it does for expats. The idea came from a Facebook post showing a temple I would like to visit at some stage. The person posting it warned that the wat got busy on weekends and it would be better to go during the week. When would it be quieter? Find out HERE.

Thursday – 31 Jan 2019

A constant stream of visitors and social events has slowed down my recordings of the daily happenings. However, a few new photos and stories to share so here they are to finish up a very busy January.

I do have some older events to share with you and will update the blog with those shortly. Click HERE to read.

Monday – 28 Jan 2019

A mixed day of small happenings. Most of the morning was spent at the farm where Gaun worked on her new garden there while I did some writing on a book update. Monday and Fridays are the two days when Yuan opens a stall at two different Si Bun Ruang street markets to sell her own product directly to the public………Click HERE to read.

Wat Si Sawang Kut Du – 28 Jan 2019

We decided to take an afternoon off recently from doing not much and head out to an eating place we enjoy called Noi’s Kitchen, run by a lovely English guy and his wife Greg and Noi.

As it’s only a 30 minute drive I did my usual thing and had a hunt around on Google Maps to see what else we could do in the afternoon to fill in the rest of the time. Often Maps is frustrating because often the standard of photos attached to the attractions available gives you NO idea as to whether that site is worth visiting. Thankfully there was one temple that had a enough decent photos that were enough to raise my interest and as it was close to Noi’s Kitchen we decided to have a look-see.

You can read about it HERE.

 28 Jan 2019

On a chilly 15 degree morning at 1.30 am we dropped Peng off at her school to join classmates on an overnight excursion to Kanchanaburi (Bridge over the River Kwai) a ten hour drive from here………..Click HERE to read.

Sunday – 27 Jan 2019

After a day in the big city at Udon Thani yesterday having lunch with friends to celebrate Australia Day we did the opposite today and headed into the local countryside to lunch in a true Isan cool season rural landscape. Click HERE to read.

Friday – 25 Jan 2019

A reader of the blog wrote in with a question about the link between Thai gold and a wedding that might be of interest to others so I thought I would post both it and my reply. Click HERE to read.

Monday – 21 Jan 2019

A mixed day that unfolded in a pretty unplanned sort of way, which is how life tends to be here. For regular readers you know how I will start this post by saying that in the morning we headed to the farm for a second coffee and to see what Yaun and Lud were up to. Click HERE to read.

January 2019

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