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Living in Isan – the Daily Stories….

…..published in March 2019

This is a list of the daily story posts I published in March 2019. Enjoy and please leave comments. They are the only payment I ask for!

Stories published in March 2019

Sunday – 31 March 2019


This is another video mainly to test using Gaun’s phone rather than the Nikon camera I tried yesterday, the results of which I wasn’t totally happy with. Having looked at this outcome it is much better especially with focus and lighting.

In this video I walk you through the front garden we started to establish just after we moved in March 2015 and we end up in our outside lounge space.

You can find the video on YouTube HERE.

Saturday – 30 March 2019


Something a bit different, a video. We have developed my Thai family’s farm outside Si Bun Ruang into a wonderful place to spend time. An extended pond for swimming, a beach hut for shelter and an ever expanding tropical garden.

You can find the video on YouTube HERE.

Isan Music – 29 March 2019


And now for something completely different……………if you come to Thailand either on a holiday or to live for a longer period and come across some Thai nightlife or a street party you will bound to hear some Isan music being played. I thought it might be of interest to some to provide a bit of background and some examples of the sort of music styles you will hear if you do get involved in the ‘real’ Thailand.

You can find it HERE.

Tuesday – 26 March 2019


This is a minor post in contrast to the last one I published on the 22nd of March, which covered a week or more of activities. This story only details a few days of small and even smaller events but as always I hope the detail of some of the topics I write about help give you an ever improving knowledge and understanding of a real life in Isan. I continue to learn new things, none of which will rock the world, but they allow me to look at the everyday with increasingly educated eyes. Every time I discover something I didn’t know before it’s like another step in obtaining my degree in Isan Living, all of which I share with you.

You can find it HERE.

Friday – 22 March 2019


Since returning home from our trip to Loei, see last post HERE, our days have filled with two solid days in the garden, a few social occasions, a trip to Udon Thani for my visa extension and shopping and the usual wide variety of everyday photo moments, all of which I hope you’ll enjoy in this post.

You can find it HERE.

Thailand is HOT: Wednesday – 20 March 2019


The motivation for this post came about as a result of a recent comment left on the blog by Mel, an Australian who wrote:

Hi Tony. How do you cope with the weather there? I have lived in Brisbane for 30 years and still have some reservations about our hot & humid summer. But I see that your weather (like Surin) is positively stifling for about a 3-month period and then of course comes the wet with all the uncomfortable humidity it brings. Your best tips for farangs? 

You can read my reply to Mel HERE

Tuesday – 12 March 2019


Peng my stepdaughter, had yet another entrance exam to sit, this time held in Loei the province next to ours to the west (left on a map). As Peng’s exam was early morning (well early for me) on the Sunday at Loei Rajabhat University and it’s a two hour drive from Si Bun Ruang, we decided to stay overnight. The idea was that on the Sunday, while Peng did her thing, Gaun and I would explore a bit of Loei, a city I had only driven through previously. This is a long post so get coffee, tea or alcohol and enjoy. 

You can read about it HERE.

P.S. Peng has since been offered a place at Loei university, which she is considering. Yay for Peng.

Friday – 1 March 2019

This story covers my stepdaughter Peng who was part of a celebration with final year schoolmates involving the exchange of lots of selfies, small gifts and momentos between the 150 students graduating. I have also included a section on some of the aspects involved with sending someone to university that will be relevant for some locals. Also on the 1st March the annual Si Bun Ruang celebration happened based around the town’s shrine with 2,000 dancers from the local villages performing on the day and a small market that will be running for the next week. The dancing formal and informal is always a delight.

You can read about it HERE.


  1. Greg Carroll

    Great news for Peng Tony. Please pass on our congratulations

  2. Gary

    Some of the coding that underpins some of this email is visible at the bottom of the email

    • Tony in Thailand

      Thank you Gary. The new formatting of the blog doesn’t support the emails that are going out. I have tried to stop them happening with the plan of replacing this type of notifications with something more compatible with the formatting, but obviously with little effect in your case. Thanks for letting me know. Work in progress. BTW if, rather than read the posts via the email, you access them from the blog’s homepage you will find a lot of other stuff there that might be of interest. It’s an easier way to keep in touch with what’s being published.

      Cheers Gary.


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