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Living in Isan – the Daily Stories….

…..published in May 2019

This is a list of the daily story posts I published in May 2019. Enjoy.

This is what a happy Isan family looks like. Good fun. For regular readers the family are from left to right, Peng, Puk, Game, Yuan, me, Gaun, Tham, Lud and Tom. Keep an eye out for Lud’s camera moves and his son Game isn’t too shy either 🙂 There are many words written about the troubles expats have with their Thai families and some of those stories are absolutely true and sad. Luckily like so many westerners I have found myself with an Isan family who I regard as my own and they seem to treat me as one of theirs. I only post this video because it gives an insight into what can be possible, to balance out some of the negative reporting. Tonight we headed our for an Isan buffet to celebrate my wife’s birthday, which was yesterday. The video is at our house presenting the cake and tying white string onto Gaun’s wrist for good luck. Happy days and happy birthday Gaun.

Bun Bang Fai – 11 May

Bun Bang Fai is an Isan (a region in the northeast of Thailand) rocket festival timed to encourage the rains to arrive for the start of the rice harvest. In fact it has a lot of general fertility cymbals, which is pretty common in rural communities worldwide. Today we headed to the moo ban (village) of Si Bun Ruang who always put on a good street procession and these photos reflect their efforts. A terrific afternoon.

You can find this post HERE

Tropical Gardening in Thailand – 11 May

The reason the blog has been quiet the last week has been that I have been focussed on this post. It proves a complete package of information about establishing a tropical garden with two videos and then a list of plants you will find in garden centres here with descriptions and my comments. For those of you who want to add a bit of greenery to your new Thai garden or expand an existing one this post will be an invaluable resource. 

You can find this post HERE

Bees and Butteflies – 3 May

A side benefit to Gaun’s enthusiastic flower planting at the farm. Watch the video by clicking on the photo or you can go HERE.

Love Living in Isan – 3 May

This is a catch-up of the minor happenings that have been caught on camera since the last post I wrote a month ago. A mix of topics as always and I hope you enjoy both the photos and the stories that go with them.

You can read all about it HERE.

Air Conditioning in Thailand – 2 May

This article applies anywhere of course whenever one is trying to cool a home, not just Thailand. It’s a bit ironic because the reason I am spenting time writing this post is that it’s 40 degrees (104 F) plus outside and so in these sort of temperatures I retreat to the cool of inside (27/80 degrees) and do some work on the blog.

You can read my post on how to stay cool HERE.


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