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Happy Days in Isan

Reflection of life over a glass of chilled wine

You know how you get after a couple of wines (or whatever), in my case kindly donated by recent visitors? Life seems pretty good and despite all the challenges of living in Thailand, there’s nowhere else I would prefer to be on an evening like this one.

A beautiful warm evening with a chilled Aussie white (bottled under a Thai label) in a five star tropical garden environment made me think just how incredibly lucky I was in every aspect of my life.

My wife Gaun who is the most supportive and caring person I know. So full of life and humour. A joy in every situation.

On the left she is in dress-up mode and on the right in working gear helping to lay a 6,000 brick extension to our garden paving.

A home that is beyond anything I hoped to achieve in Thailand

or anywhere else.

Our Isan Village Home

The lounge room, although spacious and comfortable with big views over the original garden, is hardly ever used. We spend most time outside. The TV gathers dust.

An open plan design is so appropriate in a hot tropical climate. Uncluttered for easy living.

Our guests know this bedroom well.

My extended family, who are a delight. They give so much and expect nothing in return. Lud and Yuan here.

Yuan’s son Game, who recently helped us lay 6,000 brick paving in our tropical garden, and Tham, Gaun’s older sister Bear’s husband.

They welcomed me into the family from day one and nothing has changed since then.

My Isaan life is full of surprises and keeps me young inside even if the exterior is falling into disrepair like this farm truck!

Surprising moments at every turn. A Miss Something or Other at Udon Thani.



Boys toys like my NIssan.

Friends made on the blog, Facebook and others from a previous life

plus family have travelled to see us. The world comes to Thailand.

My dear stepdaughter Peng, who is in the process of developing her CV for university entrance next year, a first for a family of rice farmers. 

She’s made a lot of this possible. Thank you Gaun.

I will never be accepted as a Thai person but when you get scenes like this one, which happened on my birthday 2017 organised by Gaun and Yuan, it’s as good as it gets.

Happier here than anywhere else. That will do me.

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