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House inclusion costs and converting Thai Baht to A$.

Having finalised the house plans and found a builder I am working on identifying the additional expenditure that will be involved over the basic structural building costs of floor, wall and roof.

I thought it might be of interest to anyone looking to build here to see the sort of costs that are involved to outfitting a farang type house to western standards.

Update 8 October 2014:

My house design has been updated and you can find details in my post HERE.

The latest house design.

The latest house design.

Once you start to list all the inclusions for each room it is amazing how quickly the costs build up even in Thailand. I am out of touch with what similar items would cost in Australia so can’t say if it is cheaper here or not. I suspect some things are but others are on a parity.

The builder has given me a rough estimate of 1.2 million THB – A$40,000, including all labour costs, to build the house you see above. What I yet to work out is the exact detailing of what’s included that estimate and at what level. For example a kitchen might be but is it a Thai concrete open base version. Are the toilets western or squat?

$20.00 gets you one of these. Cheap plumbing too.

$20.00 gets you one of these. Cheap plumbing too.

The answers aren’t that important to the build because I am paying a flat 400,000 THB – A$13,200 for the labour and I source and buy everything. I don’t have a contract price for the construction so I don’t need to know in detail what’s in or out. However from a budgeting point of view I obviously want to have an idea before I start if I can afford to build to the standard I want.

I have produced a draft costing and it is shown below. It is a first cut only but mostly based on actual costs from places like HomePro, Global House and Thai Wasadu, a few of the big building supply places here. There are some estimates in there and some blanks.

I am basing my selection of good quality mid-range items that do the job. I am not interested in buying for show or display.

This spreadsheet will be updated as I refine it and I will put a published date on it so you can see how recent it is. My house build is going to be recorded in detail, including actual costs for those who follow me in building in Thailand and Isaan in particular.

Published 31 August 2014:

This is it in PDF. Click below to view.

Thai house costs

Just a reminder that to convert Thai baht to A$ multiply by 3 and add two decimal points and 10%. For example:

1,000 THB =

Multiply by 3 = 3,000

Add two decimal points = 30.00

Add 10% = A$33.00.

A few photos to illustrate what you get for the money:

The septic tank.

The septic tank 7,100 THB

A mixer tap

A mixer tap 1,240 THB.

Another version

Another version 910 THB.

The kitchen we are having. Modular. Each section from around 10,000 - 15,000 THB

The modular kitchen we are having. Each section ranges from around 10,000 – 15,000 THB.

Downlights - basic.

Downlights – basic.

Power points - double.

Power points – double 148 THB.

The light switch/ power point system we will use.

The light switch/ power point system option.

Plastic skirting boards. Wood minimised in Thailand because of the termites.

Plastic skirting boards. Wood minimised in Thailand because of the termites.

Front door.

Front door handle.

Internal doors.

Internal door handles.

Internal doors

Internal doors 3,520 THB.

My previous posts of costing inclusions can be found HERE and HERE.

Thanks for reading.