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In Conclusion

Chapter Fourteen

Tony 3 February 2019: This needs a bit of a rewrite and I will get around to it soon. You get the idea though.

For someone who has stuck with the book to this point and has had no personal connection to anything I have written this has probably been a waste of time. I can’t offer you a set of instructions on how to find the Truth because I have no idea myself. Mine was a very particular set of circumstances and to my conscious self, it was all a bit of a mess 😊

My advice is that I do think that if you are at a pre-red pill time in your life then at some stage you should start by taking up some organised discipline to get you into Stage One. Use the book as a basis for gauging the outcomes offered by whatever group you choose, and please discount any fast-track, big bang enlightenment promises. I believe it is more likely that you will become a traveller engaged on a long-term journey with changes and milestones happening over time and not explosive outcomes where your teacher stares into your eye one day and boom…. the Truth.

For those reading who might knowingly or unknowingly have taken a red pill, then I hope some aspects of the path I have covered will resonate and make sense of what might otherwise be worrying when seen through the eyes of the self. I am nothing special and yet somehow I have been guided through some rocky times to a state of reality, which makes a realisation of the Truth seem a little more realistic. True or false who can say? As far as my assessment of the outcome so far – is my experience of reality different? Yes. Does that represent a positive result? Yes, it does although not in a way I would have thought at an earlier time.

When my mother wrote her book A Journey to Truth she hoped that:

……..perhaps it might be a guide and help for others who are passing through the same uncharted waters.

I am not sure if anyone other than me has used her book as a guide as it had very limited circulation. However, for one person, me, Amy’s effort has been priceless because it led me to an understanding of a very strange set of personal changes that I wouldn’t have comprehended otherwise.

My hope is that the words I have shared in my book and the insight into my journey, which honestly, I have no great desire to make public to the world, will maybe find another Tony Eastmead, and contribute to making those uncharted waters a little less daunting even if just for one other.

Thank you for reading






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