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As you can see the small stories of Isaan have been happening for around two and a half years now, starting just before we moved here to live permanently in November 2014. I thought that I would quickly run out of observations to write about and although there are some seasonal repeats such as the cycles of growing produce at the farm, I keep finding some unique things to photograph and share.

If you read through these Issues you will get a pretty good idea of the options available for a farang (a westerner) who chooses (or whose partner chooses) to live in a small rural environment in the north east of Thailand, a region called Isaan/Isan.

I have published so many that I thought it would be useful to have an index so that readers can located specific topics that may be of interest. The headings are pretty vague but do give some clue as to the subject matter. You will find the link for each post at the bottom of the list. Enjoy.

Issue 1 –  Published 2 Aug 2014

My House Design

Moving to the family home

Peng’s motorbike

Yuan and ghosts

Fishing on the farm

Farm produce

Local markets

Friday street markets


Issue 2 – Published 5 Dec 2014

Isaan compared with Chiang Mai

Mountain bikes

The Primary school

The soccer match

The turtle float

Some local photos

Condom day

The farm in December

Delivering produce to the markets

Family BBQ feast

Fish basket weaving

Street vendors


Issue 3 – Published 5 Jan 2015

Bribing the ghosts

Short time resorts

Self Sufficiency

The sugar industry

Banana producer

Father’s Day


Lanna architecture

The world’s most boring car fleet


Issue 4 – Published 23 Jan 2015

Another school visit

Uncomplicated living

Small things


Isaan tuk tuks

Thai reality

Photo moments

Even smaller stories


Issue 5 – Published 4 June 2015


Other farang

Even smaller things

What do you get for 8 million?

Thai colour schemes

Escargot anyone?

Prison craft

Isaan wine

A reality check

Them critters


Issue 6 – Published 27 Aug 2015

Colouring the days of the week

Fields – naming airports

The Lottery

A Monkey surprise




The Garden Aug 2015

Farang (Westerners)

House Extensions


Issue 7 – Published 28 Sep 2015

The Drought

The Farm Sept 2015



Bamboo and Rubbish

Furnishing the Garden


Ice Cream

Free Flying Food

Wats, Wats Everywhere

You Have Mail

The Garden Sala


Issue 8 – Published Oct 31 2015

An Afternoon on the Road

Latte Art

Lunch in the Moo Ban

Papaya – why is it so widely used?

Ice Cream on the Move

Free Food

Walking on Water

A Dinner Party in Isaan

Little Photos

Baby Flowers

The Drought Part 2

Wat Pa Silawa

Party Time

Teacher Retirement

A Local Noodle House


Issue 9 – Published 22 Nov 2015

Party Time Again

Our Village Songkran Festival


A Royal Visit

Nong Bua Lamphu – King Naresuan Shrine

Mobile Clothes Repair

A Few Photos with Stories


Issue 10 – Published 14 Jan 2016

Marriage Anniversary Party

Christmas and Birthdays 2016

Ban Chiang World Heritage Site Udon Thani

Udon Thani Chinese Festival

New Year on the Farm

A Si Bun Ruang Concert


Leaf Litter

The Local Noodle Shop


Mama and the Ghosts

An Aussie Icon

Gardening Advice

Funeral Stories

Sugar Season

Si Bun Ruang Sports Day

Wat Pa Ban Dit


Issue 11 – Published 30 May 2016

Amazon Fish

Songkran at the Farm

A Wreck in Motion

Manaw (Limes)

Thai Mojito Recipe

Almost Upright

Hard Work on the Farm

Hot Gardening

Cloud 47 Bangkok

Welcome Home

The Hot, Hot Season

Elephants and More

Mobile Mending

Another Wedding

Drought in Thailand

Electrics Thai-style

Farm Fresh

Local Livestock

Fresh Coconut Milk

Home Cooking Farang-style

Sugar and More Sugar

Monkey Temple and more


Issue 12 – Published 31 May 2016

Photo Stories

Happy Birthday Gaun

A Traditional Isaan Village House

Time with the Monks

An Awesome Burger in Isaan

Wat Tham Sang Tham

Bun Bang Fai (Rocket Festival)

Aussie Muscle Car

Photos from the Farm

Moo Ban Exam

Happy Thais



Road works to the Wat


Issue 13 – Published 8 Jun 2016

Third Time Lucky

Farm Extensions

The Village Exam – Early Days

Relaxing Thai-style


Sunshine in Isaan – early May 2016

A Mini-monk

The Final Drink

More Turtles

New Clothes

A Late lake Lunch – Nong Bua Lamphu

Udon Wholesale Food markets

Gaun’s Scooter

One More Monk


Issue 14 – Published 3 Aug 2016

For Some reasons this edition seems to be a repeat of Issue 12.

Issue 15 – Published 3 Aug 2016

There were some repeats in this one too, which I have now removed so it’s a shorter version than normal.

Sang Som – Thai Rum

The Blue Wat

Si Bun Ruang Clothes and Burgers

Back on the Farm

Around the Farm

Gaun’s Mission

Mama’s Mats


Issue 16 – Published 16 Aug 2016

The Front Pergola

Bags, Bags and More Bags

Various Observations Made on a Day Out in Si Bun Ruang

Wat Pha Sorn Kaew

A Mix of Small Happenings

A Little Nipper

Bun Bang Fai 2016

Back on the Farm

Bun Bang Fai Parade

Three Stories in Photos

  • Repossession
  • Farm Extensions
  • Wat Pha Ban Dit

My Third Anniversary in Thailand


More Farm Concreting

Nong Khai Skywalk

Yuan’s Birthday


Issue 17 – Published 9 Sep 2016

Essential Dinnerware

Happy Snaps

A Holiday in Bali

Back in Thailand

Snakes Alive

The Garden – Before and After update

Friends in Isaan

On the Road with Friends

  • Wat Bunyanusorn
  • The Silk Village
  • Nong Khai
  • Mekong Markets
  • Sala Keoku
  • Wat Noen Panao Wanaram
  • Central Plaza Udon Thani
  • Samuay & Son Thai Restaurant Udon Thani

Back in the Village

A Trip Advisor Warning

Free Beer


Issue 18 – Published 9 Sep 2016

A Day in the Isaan Countryside

  • Wat Tham Pha Nam Thiang (Monkey Wat)
  • Wat Tham Saeng Tham
  • Suanam Resort

Isaan Broadband

Cheap Housing

The Canals of Si Bun Ruang

Gaun and the Tourists

Buddhist Lent

A New Camera Lens

A Farm Update July 2016

Shopping at Macro Supermarket

What Does A$240 a Month Rent Get You?

A Homework Story

Another rental Opportunity – be quick

Back on the Farm Again!

A New Driveway at the Farm

A Buddhist Holy Day

An Unusual Isaan Wedding

A Present for the Birds

The New Patio


Issue 19 – Published 1 Nov 2016

Fiber Optic and More

Marching Kids

Celebrating 250 Posts on the Blog

An Isaan Toast

School Dance Competition

Colourful Butterflies


Flowers for Mother’s Day

Gaun’s Farm Garden

A Dog with Attitude

Mother’s Day


Issue 20 – Published 28 Nov 2016

A Farm Blessing

Being Lazy – Automatic Gate Opener

Mushrooms and More

Pak/Bok Choy

Parent Teacher Day

Back to the Farm – Aug 2016

Return from Nan

Silk Worms

An Addition to the Family – a farang oven

Breakfast at the Farm

An Addition to the Village – Phum

A Village Festival for Deceased Relatives

Silkworms Stage 2

An Isaan Housewarming


Issue 21 – Published 29 Nov 2016

Self Driving – maybe not

Nong Bua Lamphu

A Few Photos with Stories

Outside Influences

Getting out of the Way

Real Birds

Wolf’s Den – Restaurant in Udon Thani

More Ghosts

Friday Street Market Day

Thai Time

Thai Immigration Hijacked


More Names – know your vegetables

Teacher Retirement


Issue 22 – Published 30 Nov 2016

A Secret Cave Temple – Wat Pha Thum Praphukao

A Local Drive

Express Growth

Ban Mai Khao Restaurant

A School Holiday Feast

Farang Food

A Day in Udon Thani



Upgrading the Driveway

Chiang Khan

Problems with Google Maps

From Chiang Khan to Nong Khai

Tropical Colours

A Morning Photo Session


Issue 23 – Published 30 Nov 2016

The Driveway Upgrade Continues

Fire in the Village

Farang Pricing

A Mixed Bag of Stories

A Police Visit

An Udon House Blessing

Driveway Completed

A Day in the Life of a Retired Farang

A Few Happy Snaps

A Crepe Worth Trying

Everyday Stuff

Another Place to Enjoy Doing Nothing

Farang Limitations


Issue 24 – Published 1 Dec 2016

A Timber House

Living With a Thai Woman

Bedside Reading – a hospital in Khon Kaen

A Thai Medical Check

Flooding in the Village

Feeding the Monks

The Rice Harvest Starts

Loi Kranthong

Glorious November in Isaan


Issue 25 – Published 31 Jan 2017

A Mix of Stories:

  • Rice Harvest
  • Wooden House
  • Cheap Eats

More Rice – yay

Wat Pa Kittiyanusorn

Threshing the Rice

Electric Razor Blades

Four Even Smaller Stories

  • Wooden House
  • Drying Rice
  • Nuch’s Apple Guest House
  • Foraging

The Ice Cream man

Another Farm and Ducks Galore


Issue 26 – Published 7 Feb 2017

That Time of Year – papaya

A Kitchen Update

A Mixture of Stories

Pottering Around

Back to the Farm – Nov 2016

Home Repairs and Monks at Work

Catch-up Stories:

  • Feeding the farm fish
  • Papaya
  • Once a Month Markets in Si Bun Ruang
  • Haircut
  • Fishing
  • Finishing the Pergola at Home


Issue 27 – Published 7 Feb 2017

Guttering Thai-style and a lot more:

  • Guttering
  • A Local House
  • Harvesting at the farm
  • Papaya – male and female
  • Homework
  • Produce to the local market

Dessert up a Tree

The Garden Before and After Dec 2016

Christmas is not forgotten


More Building in the village

More Christmas

My Birthday


Issue 28 – Published 25 Feb 2017

Happy New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Day

  • An Isaan wedding
  • Isaan blessings
  • Lud’s birthday

Local Markets

A Day out with Visitors:

  • Red Lotus Sea
  • Ban Dung
  • Wat Kham Chanot

A Smoker’s Paradise

Wat Pha Phutthabat Phu Kao


Issue 29 – Published 26 Feb 2017

Aussie Garlic

Landscaping our Boat Dock

Garden Update Jan 2017

The Final Isaan Grace Landscaping Entry

A Mix of Stories:

An Emergency Trip to the Hospital

Wat Pa Thum Praphukao

One More Floating Sala Story

Photo Editing

Snakes Alive

The Sugar Crop

Burning Sugar Cane