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Making an Impression

This story really doesn’t warrant a full post to itself because it relates to an incident back in 2013 and is very brief with no photos, but……….it is one of my favourite recollections of my very first visit to Isan and meeting the family so I wanted to share hoping that you enjoy it as much as I have recalling it.

This post is to prove that there’s always a story behind every photo I take and share. This image below that I took two weeks ago may not look like much – a cement truck pouring concrete for a new road behind the village school. But wait there’s more!

My first visit to Isan, the northeast region of Thailand, was in August 2013. Gaun and I flew into Udon Thani from Phuket and picked up a Honda City hire car for the drive to meet Gaun’s family. I was VERY new to the whole Thai experience and being outside a farang enclave like Phuket I felt very unprotected and the ‘real’ Thailand was all a bit daunting. I wanted to make a good impression with the family of course and we’d take it from there.

At this time Gaun was no more than my guide to the wilds of Thailand, not a formal partner. I had done all the research about Thai girls and meeting their family (wedding planned the next day!!!) but in this case it was me who wanted to see Isan and therefore starting with a base in Gaun’s village seemed like a good idea. I have said it before but Gaun only agreed to come along, after consulting her best friend in Phuket, not for my charm and good looks, but because she wanted to have her first airplane ride (so she told me later). What an ego buster- so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂

OK, back to the cement truck. When we arrived in the village from Udon this dirt road shown in the photo above (at the time) provided a shortcut to the farm. August is the wet season so it was a bit muddy, no problems – not my car, until we came across a large puddle halfway that had been churned up by farm equipment. I wanted to show off my Aussie, go anywhere abilities so we ploughed into it and promptly ripped off the front spoiler. A Honda City is not known for its high riding ability. The spoiler was placed on the back seat and my first meeting with Yaun and Lud was with Gaun asking for information as to where we could get the car repaired. First impressions down the drain! I laugh NOW.

One of my first photos with the family. Gaun, Peng, Lud, Yuan and Puk.

In true Isan style we called into the local smash repair shop and they fixed it straight away for very little cost, although I was a little concerned about the large bottle of superglue (true) that was involved for some of the work. Thankfully the spoiler stayed on for the week we were in Isan and we got our deposit back on the car’s return.

The spoiler probably fell off with another hire person and they will never buy a Honda City because of it, but that’s life 🤣😁😁

Six years later my muddy hole is part of history covered up by newly poured concrete. You see – I am full of it (stories that is).

And we had the opportunity to drive this newly concreted road just today (13 July) so I had to stop the take a photo at roughly THE spot!

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