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Car registration renewal and comprehensive motor insurance.

Another short post purely of interest to those expats living in Thailand.

I bought my car 12 months ago through a dealer, who took care of the registration process via the Chiang Mai motor registry office or Department of Land Transport DLT to give it the full Thai title.

The registration renewal has just become due and I thought I would have to go through the same sort of inspection and paperwork process but not so. The whole thing can be done at any local motor shop. Some advertise the fact using this gold/yellow cog type sign while the one I used was my regular service guy and he had nothing outside to indicate the service was available.

This is the sign you are looking for.

This is the sign you are looking for.

Because my car is less than seven years old no inspection is required. All I had to do was leave the car’s Blue Book or Lem Tabian in Thai with them and pay the 2,400 THB or A$85.00 for tax plus compulsory insurance. I think this is around 1/10th of what I would be paying in Australia. The admin takes around five days, or it did in our case and we picked up the rego sticker the following Wednesday having lodged on the previous Thursday. Each place may be different.

The blue book which confirms my ownership of the vehicle.

The blue book which confirms my ownership of the vehicle.

My new registration sticker - example.

My new registration  window sticker – example. It isn’t actually sticky as the Aussie ones are but they do provide a separate peel-off clear backing to help you out.

The insurance paperwork.

The compulsory insurance paperwork included.

I suggest that you keep the Blue Book at home somewhere safe and only have a copy of the relevant pages in the car along with the insurance certificate and any private insurance papers you may have. I would also have a copies of your passport photo page, the relevant visa page and the latest 90 day renewal receipt in case you are asked for documentation by police at any stage. On longer trips take your passport with you as it may be required as I found out HERE.

If you are intending to take out comprehensive motor insurance I can recommend a broker called AA Insurance. Their details are as follows:


Tel:        038 415 795-6 Business  Mobile : 081-782-2196, 086-332-2197



I have used them the last couple of times and they give first rate service. Kik is the person to talk to. I checked around when renewing this time and their quote was within the range offered by others. I have a top quality AXA insurance package and its not cheap at around 16,000 THB but includes 10 million accident injury insurance as well as 24 hour road assist.

AXA comprehensive car insurance.

AXA comprehensive car insurance.

I am only passing on this information based on my experience – it’s not an advertisement and no commision is involved unfortunately. Proceed with caution as always on insurance matters.

Thanks for reading.