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This is an easy entry to the blog because it just indexes references to other stories I have already written. I ended a recent post about a wat (temple) down the road from our home in Si Bun Ruang called Wat Tham Pha Keong HERE with a list of my favourite wats in Isaan. I thought I would pull those references from that post and put them into a separate entry so that they would be easy to find for any readers visiting my part of Isaan and also so I could update the list as we make new discoveries.

The idea for doing this came as a result of writing my eleventh “Isaan – the Small Stories” post where I was reviewing a couple of very ordinary wats in the city of Udon Thani. If you have the time and transport ANY of the wats in my list will beat what you’ll see in Udon (in my biased opinion).

These are within an hour’s drive from Si Bun Ruang and two hours from Udon airport:

Wat Bunyanusorn, which is included in my post HERE:


Wat Bunyanusorn – Udon airport 20 minutes.

Wat Sirisalawan – to be reviewed in “Isaan – the Small Stories 11”:


Updated 18 Feb – identified as Wat Sirisalawan. Udon airport 20 minutes.

Wat Tham Klong Pane HERE


Udon airport 30 minutes.

Wat Pha Silawa HERE:

Wat Pha Silawa

Wat Pha Silawa. Udon airport 50 minutes.

Wat Tham Sang Tham HERE:


Udon airport 2 hours.

Wat Tham Pha Keong HERE


Udon airport 2 hours.

These three temples are each a day trip:

The magnificent Wat Ph Phu Kon HERE:

Wat Pa Phu Kon

Wat Pha Nam Yoi HERE:


Wat Neramit Wipattasana HERE:


For all of the best wats in Isaan I have visited please read my recent (Sept 2017) post HERE

Thanks for reading.