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I have written about Nimmanhaemin Road before when we visited it in the daytime HERE. Nimmanhaemin is a lot more than the road that runs through the middle of the area, which is busy and pretty unattractive. Many of the best sights are hidden away in the sois or streets that head off left and right and it was this side of Nimmanhaemin that I wanted to explore more this time.

I thought we would give it a go at night when the place is supposed to be buzzing and the bars and live music places kick in. Also to be honest, like a lot of Thai places, night time shows them at their most attractive when darkness hides some of the more unfortunate development and the lighting and modern design comes into its own.

The Warm Up Cafe is THE place to watch the young things in action but don't expect much to be happening early evening.

The Warm Up Cafe is THE place to watch young Thais in action but don’t expect much to be happening early evening.

We went mid-week, which like everywhere in the world, isn’t the liveliest time to go, so we missed out on the place really happening. Next time I will do a Friday or Saturday.

I have to say that I was surprised at just how “Thai” it all was. This is supposed to be a tourist and backpacker heaven and we saw very few foreigners around. Mostly it was young Thais out having a good time, which was good to see. Situated close to the university this is an area is well supported by the locals and we all know or remember how life was like at uni. The courses were just a backdrop to having fun.

The army coup still has a midnight curfew in place and I suspect this is putting a damper on evenings in places like Nimmanhaemin, especially as Thais traditionally come home after work, have something to eat and a nap and then head out to party from midnight onwards. Go to a nightclub anytime before early morning and it will be pretty empty.

10.00 and this is the nightclub scene.

10.00 and this is the nightclub scene.

We took out time to wander up and down the sois capturing some photos for the blog and checking out what was available. You can see why the area is so popular. There is a huge range of really classy cafes, bars and restaurants, that latter offering that we saw Thai, Italian, Japanese, Burmese, Chinese and others. We ended up eating at a place called the Beer Republic a place that specialised in serving a good range of well….beer. I would recommend it for those beer fanatics out there but we didn’t find the food of a quality worth repeating. Their website is HERE.

The Beer Republic

The Beer Republic Soi 11, Nimmanhaemin.

We also stopped off to have a happy hour drink at this place called That’s Wine, which was huge and beautifully set up but we were the only people there. I have no idea how many Thai businesses survive as customers seem to be few and far between for many of them. I will put it down to the coup and the mid-week visit.

Happy hour 6.00 - 9.30 pm

That’s Wine, Happy hour 6.00 – 9.30 pm

Outside and inside bars.

Outside and inside bars.

Their cooled wine cellar.

The cooled wine cellar. Expect to pay up to $70.00 for a decent bottle.

We will give Nimmanhaemin another go one evening on the weekend once the coup is lifted and I am sure that it will be a little more active than we experienced this time. Whatever the situation this is an area that is a pleasure to wander in the evening, have a few drinks and eat.

The following gallery captures some of the images I took of Nimmanhaemin at night and gives you some idea of the variety of the place:

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