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Noob Coffee Roaster

Loei, Isan


I love my freshly made coffee every morning, which I brew with ground Thai beans, in this case from a roaster in a neighbouring province to us called Loei.

This is a bit of a cheat post because I haven’t visited this coffee heaven yet, but I have a Facebook friend who has and have now ordered beans from them so we have a sort of connection already. It is so rare to find an enthusiast and cafe of this quality in Isan that I thought Noob Coffee was worth adding to my list of places to consider when in the area. I will make it to Loei to see this place, as it brings a little bit of Chiang Mai to a generally pretty bleak coffee landscape in my part of Isan.

There are a few photos in this collection of ‘borrowed’ images taken by one of Isan’s best photographers, an English guy called Steve Coupland. If you use Facebook then Steve’s FB page Steve Coupland Photography is well worth a visit HERE

Coffee beans are the seeds inside this, which are called cherries. More information for the aspiring baristas out there HERE

The cherries starting to ripen.

The ‘seeds’, the green beans before roasting.

The time taken to roast the beans is what determines the darkness and strength.

Noob have a top quality small roaster. Decent money has been invested here.

A variety of bean sources. I will have to find out if they focus on local product.

A mobile service available too.

I will update this story when we visit Noob Coffee at some stage. You can find them on Google Maps HERE and their Facebook page is HERE.

If you want to spend a night in Loei then this hotel is recommended Facebook HERE or HERE. Next door there is a good Vietnamese restaurant Facebook page HERE.

If you enjoy freshly roasted beans then Noob will organise at 500 baht a kilo with, in our case, 75 baht postage. Ordered one day, recieved the next.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Jim Busby

    I have my craft beers, and you your coffee. Like I have mentioned to you before, me and caffeine aren’t friends, but I do love the smell of a coffee house and the brews. I also mentioned to you my interest in the fermentation processes that make that final coffee blend, but that’s the scientist in me. I hope you get here to enjoy their fresh brewed concoction. Once again, that photo of Peng and her student hugging, makes my day twenty times over. And then you add this beautiful Mother’s Day photo to boot. If our world focused more on who was responsible for where we are today, it would be a more peaceful one. Great post as always.


    • Tony in Thailand

      I think the smell of coffee is more appropriate to cold climates. I remember Canberra on cold winter days, which were mostly bright and sunny, and going into a cafe with its cosy heat, the bustling activity and the coffee smell. Settling down with that day’s paper and enjoying a brew before trudging to work maybe. Heading into a cafe to enjoy the air-con in Si Bun Ruang just doesn’t work for me! My coffee machine has been broken but luckily there’s a place called Bon Cafe in Udon that has a service area. They have a lady working there whose home is in Si Bun Ruang and she combines a home visit with supplying and checking on the local Bon cafe outlets, so she’s bringing the machine with her today or tomorrow. Saves me another trip to the unlovely Udon. I have been making do with a small stove top drip coffee maker, which if my main machine ever truly packed it in, would do the job just fine. Dear Peng tells me that when she starts work she would be able to buy me a new coffee machine if money was still tight 🙂 She also feels I am hanging out to own a resort too, so has offered to finance that! I suspect that the very low wages teachers start on here might be better spent on cosmetics and boyfriends (don’t tell Gaun I said that) 🙂

      Cheers Jim.

    • Tony in Thailand

      I think that the smell of coffee relates more to a cold climate. I can remember my time during a Canberra winter when a visit to the cafe on the way to work meant walking into a cosy, warm environment full of bustling activity and that wonderful smell of fresh coffee, which is more impressive than the taste! Reading the morning papers and a coffee before trudging off to work. Somehow, walking into a air conditioned cafe with my iPad just isn’t doesn’t cut it in the same way.

      My coffee machine has broken down, which upsets my morning routine. Luckily there’s a place called Bon Cafe in Udon that has a service area and we dropped the machine off there last Friday. A lady works there who makes regular visits to Si Bun Ruang, where her home is based but also to resupply and check on the Bon cafes here, and she is going to drop off the repaired machine today or tomorrow. It saves a return trip to unattractive Udon so I am happy about that. Life can return to normal.

      I am a fan of those series of photos too. Thanks Jim.

  2. Greg Carroll

    Speaking as a Coffee Tragic, this story really struck a chord Tony. Yuri and I look forward to reading the full story. In the meantime we’ll savour the wonderful images. They are so good one can almost smell the aroma.

    I think I might just re-read this story again tomorrow morning while indulging in my normal weekend routine of a good coffee while caching up on the latest postcard from Isan.

    Thank you so much for this post Tony. Nothing like a good well made coffee.

    PS Don’t forget to ask if Noob stock Vietnamese coffee – it’s almost as good a Thai coffee.

    • Tony in Thailand

      Speaking of coffee Greg, my machine has broken down, or the pressured water bit has anyway. A morning disaster! We are off to Bon Cafe in Udon Thani tomorrow to see if they can fix it. They have a service area, which has been a lifesaver in the past. I can always ship spares out from Australia if necessary but it takes time and isn’t cheap. Oh well, hopefully they can solve the problem without the need for parts. I do have a spare boiler and the lack of pressure COULD be something to do with that area.

      I will let you know when we get to visit Noob Cafe for real.



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