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We recently went shopping at the local market, which is a permanent feature about 5 minutes drive from us in a large open tin shed. So what does the outcome of a Thai shopping expedition look like and what are the costs involved?

The photos below show you what we bought and there is a listing of the cost of each item converted to Australian dollars. This is what our shopping “trolley” contained. Total cost A$12.00!

All provided by the local street market

All provided by the local street market

Detailing the purchases and costs from front to back – left to right for each row:

4 potatoes (not an everyday Thai diet item so expensive) $0.74

2 large chicken breasts (750 g) $1.67

1 bunch of ginger $0.37

1 large fish (alive when bought) $1.41

2 bunches of long beans $0.37

1 small bag of “fish dead long-time” sauce (and I’m going nowhere near that!) $1.11

2 small fish $1.11

3 cucumbers $0.37

Maybe 10 large green chillies $0.37

1 bag of bamboo shoots $0.37

1 packet of salt $0.37

1 bunch of lemon grass $0.19

Picked this today sold today

Picked today sold today. The fresh food people for real Woolworths.

1 bag of chilli paste $0.37

1 packet of noodles (thin for soup) $0.30

1 large white bread $1.22

1 small wholemeal bread $0.93

1 kg noodles (thicker for main dishes) $0.74

My artistic shot of the same thing as I am taking an on-line photography course!

My artistic shot of the same thing as I am taking an on-line photography course!

This example shows how incredibly cheaply you can shop for food here. If you want to eat exactly as you do at home it will be more expensive. Once you get into the Western style supermarket buying imported goods where there isn’t a Thai equivalent i.e. the Thais don’t eat it, you will be paying much the same as you do at home. I bought a 250 g block of Bega cheese the other day and it cost around A$7.20. A small tub of good quality ice cream will set you back around $10.00.

For the latest results of my cost of living in Thailand survey please go here or you will find a link to this entry also on the Home page.

Thanks for reading.