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I have to admit that I have become addicted to the pancakes made at one of the street stalls next to the bar I frequently use.

My addiction started last visit with a particular fondness for the nutella and banana ones. I thought that I had beaten the problem as a result of my time away from Thailand and with some intensive counselling but not so.

The first evening I was back the man turned up in his motorbike and sidecar pancake stall. Once the waft of pancakes cooking hit my senses I knew I was lost. It has required me having a daily fix every since.

The last time I had the pancake urge Kaun phoned through to the bar to have them confirm that the stall had turned up and it wasn’t one of his irregular days off. We are talking serious needs here.

The pancake man is amazing. He’s only young and has made a hit business through the quality of his pancakes. As soon as he turns up there are bikes pulling in and cars parked. He is around for as long as it takes to sell his batch of dough – maybe a couple of hours.

His workspace is spotless and the dough is spun out in much the same way a pizza is made in the traditional way but with more flair. The pancakes are cooked in a large wok arrangement built into the cart. A banana, if that is your flavour of choice, is finely chopped super quickly and then placed in the cooking dough, which is then neatly folded to create a square thin parcel. Additional toppings can then be added as well as the obligatory generous covering of condensed milk.

The result is a crispy, sweet dessert worthy of the finest restaurant. I challenge you not to become addicted too!

It is worth a visit just to see him at work.