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My Philosophy

For Select Readers Only

5 July 2018: I have recently added a separate section to the blog that has nothing to do with Thailand and everything to do with philosophy!

Here you will find a book I have written called Becoming the Truth, which records my thirty-nine year exploration of the concept that there might be an alternative view of the world than the one we accept as reality. For most people this will be of absolutely no interest and this section should be avoided as completely off-topic. However, I hope that there will be a few curious individuals who have the inclination to dip into this book and maybe find it an interesting read and a useful resource on your own journey of personal discovery.

The link to an introduction is HERE.

This brief summary of why I wrote this book should give you enough of a background to make an informed decision to either dip into the book or give it a miss. It is a very specialised read so for most visitors please ignore this section and go to the homepage HERE where you will find links to all of my latest stories on life in Thailand, which are very down to earth and not philosophical in any way 🙂

 Thank you.