We have friends from Australia staying with us for ten days and are working through a list of my favourite places in Chiang Mai. I wouldn’t rate this one as a favourite but it is certainly different, so with a spare couple of hours I decided to show them the strange Buddhist temple I wrote about HERE.

I ended up taking a whole new batch of photos, which I think are better than the first lot in the previous blog because I now have an improved camera and also the light is better now we have moved out of the cloudy and smoky period earlier in the year.

I won’t add anything further but just let the photos tell the story – whatever that story is. I found the most interesting aspect this time was that there were families walking around with young children. It was Sunday so an educational afternoon out I guess! I made sure I got a couple of family shots so keep an eye out for them.

The following photos are in a slideshow with controls on the far left and right. WARNING – some of them are pretty graphic with sexual and violent images so if this isn’t your scene please give it a miss. Gaun refuses to go into the display area. Too many “ghosts” she says. Probably a wise move.



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