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How My Blog is Organised

An explanation below of the three categories of stories “My Stories”, “Shorties” and “Secrets”.

“My Stories” are the longer entries that mostly cover a specific trip or destination in detail in an attempt to give you a real feel for the topic. In the “old” version of the blog these were the only entries I wrote. In the “new” version My Stories will continue to be updated, especially as we are planning to do some extensive travelling around the North of Thailand outside Chiang Mai.

The current blog version now also includes shorter stories under the “Shorties” and “Secrets” headings, which are explained below.

The blog started off when I was in my tourist mode and the layout reflected that stage in my travels. It was full of the “big” stories that took a while to write and choose photos. To read they were a sit down and have a cuppa type of article. The result of this is that many smaller but still interesting, well to me anyway, events and places were missed.

This “Shorties” part of the blog allows me to record those minor moments with just a few words and maybe a couple of photos. It should end up being a fun sort of area of the blog to keep an eye on.

“Secrets” is new to the blog from April 2014. It is my list of the non-touristy places I have found that are a little unusual and out of the way. Not for those looking for the nearest McDonald’s, Starbucks or the Trip Advisor top ten. The entries will be short with some photos and a Google maps location. Maybe I’ll see you at one of them!