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Something a Little Different

Vintage Prints

Occasionally it’s nice to have a break from Isan news and share something I have come across that doesn’t relate to monks, rice or visas.

The Andromeda Print Emporium

Yesterday we headed out to a small eating place called Noi’s Kitchen a 20 minute drive south of our base of Si Bun Ruang, HERE on Google Maps. It’s owned by a lovely couple, Greg who’s from the UK and Noi, a local. Greg will meet and greet plus make sure your beer is refreshed while Noi works wonders in the kitchen.

In the course of a conversation with Greg he mentioned a side-business he has marketing quality copies of vintage prints online. He sent me a link later in the day and I was so impressed with the unusualness of the huge range of offerings that I thought it was worth passing on in case others found it equally fascinating.

There’s no commercial aspect to this post from my point of view as I refuse to become like so many other bloggers and clutter the story space with advertisements.

Greg’s site is well worth a browse even if you don’t buy anything because it gives you a glimpse of a past that has well faded from our complicated and fast moving world. I thought I would give you a taste of what caught my attention by using Greg’s introductory words for a few of the categories a provide a few sample replicas of the prints on offer that I liked.

Vintage Seed Catalogue / Packet Covers

This is a wonderful range of A4 glossy Art prints taken from beautifully illustrated vintage seed catalogue & seed packet covers.

I have to say that this is one of my favourite print ranges here at the Andromeda Print Emporium – the retro artwork by some of the finest cover artists of the day is nothing short of spectacular and these images have been a joy to work with.

Tony: There are some beautiful prints here and I am going to select a few, make timber frames and hang them in our kitchen.

Wonderful Vintage Motorcycling Ads

Vintage Motorbikes….there’s just something about them that invokes memories of care free romantic days, you and your sweetheart cruising around with the wind in your hair and Gnats in your teeth!

There will always be a huge interest and love for those wonderful machines of years gone by and this fascinating range of A4 size prints features some well-known names – and some pretty obscure names to say the least!

Greg tells me that there are over 8,000 prints in the collection so drop in to his site HERE and have a browse. I think you’ll have some fun.

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  1. Greg Carroll

    Coincidentally, I found a “Stop The Boats” poster while exploring Greg’s page. History repeating, almost. Except this one was about stopping the boats from Great Britain…

    • Tony in Thailand

      That’s funny. Nothing has changed and somehow that’s depressing too!

  2. Greg Carroll

    Almost a “And Now For Something Completely Different” post Tony. Sorry mate, couldn’t resist, especially as SBS are showing reruns of Monty Python at present, and Greg’s home page features covers from “Amazing Stories” which are Pythonesque in themselves. Meanwhile back here is Oz, one week on after the federal election, we are still coming to terms with how Labour lost the unlosable election…
    Hope life is treating you, Guan and Peng kindly.

    • Tony in Thailand

      555. Thanks Greg. I know I should be engaged with world news but it is all so depressing without a light of hope pretty well universally, that I have removed all news links. There’s nothing I can do about the whole mess, it upsets me and there’s no point as my life here day to day is just fine. I won’t even touch on the Aussie election. At one time I had a real pride in being an Australian. Not so much these days.

      I am catching up after a few days of parties so will answer your email too shortly, if you read this first.



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