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Thailand 2013

I came to Thailand in June 2013 as part of a period of reassessing my life having taken 12 months leave from work. After selling up in Australia I ended up with seven months to explore Thailand before returning to my real life in Australia.

This plan changed somewhat when I was offered a voluntary redundancy from my government job three months into my trip. I accepted the offer mid-October and decided to make an early retirement life here. I have rented a house in Chiang Mai commencing 1 November. The blog entries up to this date can be seen as my “holiday” period. Post November the blog will reflect more the “real” life experience of living in Thailand.

This blog is a personal diary of anything I find of interest and want to record. It is not written specifically for general consumption so the topics may or may not be of interest to anyone except me. If others enjoy dipping in from time to time then that’s a bonus.

Thanks for reading.