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The Journey

“The paths travelled and the journey lived brings me perfectly to this moment”

I am a traveller on a train journey comprised of many carriages, every compartment separate yet each with a door leading forward to the next carriage.  Each carriage is full of its own energies, people, experiences and lessons.

The train speeds through countryside, following a fixed path – predetermined with an inevitable destination.  We wander from carriage to carriage imagining that it is we on the move, it is we determining the ride, while the underlying track is rushing below us unseen, unnoticed and focused without deviation at the purpose of our journey.

 We become absorbed in the scenery flicking past us through the train windows, the life of those around us, we constantly look for the excitement of new emotions and sensations, while the continuum of time slips beneath our feet, even while we feel ourselves to be motionless.

 We forget that our purpose as a traveller on this journey is not only play in the experience of the travel but remember that the source of the journey is also its destination.  The bliss of arrival in the place of our origin, our true home, and our own true self makes sense of where we have travelled to reach there.

I wrote this well over twenty years ago and I came across it the other day. It still seems as relevant now as it did then. I have just moved a few carriages since it was written.

What has really struck home to me is the amount of effort we put into planning our “train trip” and how determined life is to ignore our schedule.

My plans to retire at 60 with two superannuation pensions and a comfortable house in Canberra’s safe suburbia now looks pretty silly and certainly unachievable. But in the destruction of one fantasy another takes shape to take its place. Thailand opens the next carriage door.

Aged 58 – I look at my life, at the paths taken and the journey travelled that bring me perfectly to this moment.